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Nord Cup – second weekend!

Second weekend of Nord Cup’s regatta has started! Yesterday skippers from Nautica 450, Europe and Snipe class were competing with each other during hard conditions with little to no wind and lots, lots of rain.

Today, several other classes will join the regatta: 505, Devoti One, OK Dinghy and lots of yachts classified in ORC and KWR formula aswell as OPEN up to 9 meters and above 9 meters. Those who applied will compete in Neptune’s Amber Cup, that took place for the first time in 2010. The idea originated from Mateusz Kusznierewicz’s dream to create an event that will connect Baltic Sail rally and NordCUP regatta with each other. From the very beginning, NAC attracts sailors from different backgrounds, competing on mono-hull yachts, catamarans and even sailboards and kiteboards. More info about NAC here: http://nordcup.pl/en/about-nac/

New this year – Scandinavia Cup Motorboat Rally will take place attracting motoryachts enthusiasts from all over the country.  It’s an amazing way to combine activites on the water with social integration in-land. As the such event in Poland, it is aimed to bring closer sailors and motorboat users from different backgrounds. After all, everyone is using the same waters,

Apart from motoryacht presentations, we would like to propose entering open competitions that allow you to test your motorboat driving skills.  Other than known-to-all “pick-up a surprise” contest, a brand new competition for motorboat users will be introduced: berthing to a designated area. It will require lots of skill, precision and knowledge of your boat’s limits as the final points will be consisting of both the time it took to berth in and out properly and what style it was done. More info about Motorboat Rally here: http://nordcup.pl/en/motorboat-rally/



Wiemy że na to czekaliście! Harmonogram Nord CUP 2018 jest tu: http://nordcup.pl/2018/05/znamy-juz-harmonogram-regat-nord-cup-2018/

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Dziś rozpoczęły się targi Boatex , które są naszym sponsorem. Zapraszamy na nasze stoisko aby dowiedzieć się co planujemy w tym roku…

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Żeglarskie pasje w Poznaniu!

Już za tydzień Żeglarskie pasje w Poznaniu! Tylko na Boatex!

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Jesień wszędzie, a my już planujemy NordCUP 2018. Witamy Sailing Machine ponownie na pokładzie!

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W drugi weekend #NordCUP’u klasa Nautica 450 rywalizowała o medale 🥇 Po startach nowi mistrzowie Polski podsumowali nordcupową rywalizację..

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